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At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we can provide you with premium HD video content that is tailored to your requirements. We have a commitment to deliver industry-leading aerial videography and photography services to help your business stand out from the crowds.

With our services, you can get a unique perspective on the world around you, making your project stand out in a congested digital world.

Building Surveys and Inspections

At Skymariner Drone Solutions, our team use our drones to undertake roof inspections, commercial, industrial and private property surveys. We understand how this could be a costly and time-intensive venture, not to mention a potentially hazardous one. Aerial surveys and inspections are known to be expensive and time-consuming, but now more clients are looking for drone building surveys and inspections.

Some roofs and buildings may be totally inaccessible by traditional access methods, which is where our drone solutions come in handy. With our aerial drone surveys, you’ll be able to improve and avoid the health and safety risks on your sites. With our professional background, we can provide value when surveying your commercial or industrial property. We provide drone survey and inspection solutions that are designed to meet clients requirements exclusively and we have worked within a wide range of industries, capturing still images and videos.

Estate Agent Aerial Photography

Traditional property photography gives your prospective buyers a grounded view of their new home. At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we can provide a unique view of your property listing by taking to the skies and raising you above the competition. First Impression is everything and our estate agent drone photography services are focused on helping you effectively market the property and location. We have worked with clients covering a vast range of properties and we pride ourselves on consistently delivering the highest standards in Estate Agent Aerial Photography.

The Skymariner team can capture your property listing from as many angles as possible with high-quality drone photography. Aerial photography and videos have the potential to capture the scale of the property or land being marketed by an estate agent, which is not possible with ground-based photography. By using remotely piloted drones, our team can help you display to potential buyers a “birds-eye” view of the property portfolio, ensuring it stands out from the crowd on websites like Zoopla and Rightmove.

Event Aerial Videography

Capture your special event with our exclusive drone videography, whether it’s a wedding, party, concert or social event. Drone videography or photography gives your audience a spectacular view of the action and scale of your event. When it comes to busy events, we can capture some stunning imagery from various inaccessible points and provide you with raw recorded footage, still images or a beautifully created video.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clients; our team at Skymariner Drone Solutions listens carefully to your ideas and in helping them to come to life.  For more significant events where standard photos just wouldn’t impress your audience, aerial photography and event footage will really make a difference. Our team combines aerial photography and videography to create a memorable montage of your event. A professionally edited video from Skymariner Drone Solutions will give your event and memories new dimensions.

Why Choose Skymariner Drone Solutions?

  • We provide end-to-end production aerial filming and photography services in Hampshire and throughout the rest of the UK.
  • We are CAA authorised; our services come fully insured with an in-depth knowledge of operating within the aviation environment.
  • We aim to provide the best possible drone aerial video and we will always strive to adapt to your needs and budget.
  • Each one of our projects undergoes thorough preparation and safety procedures to ensure we can meet your requirements.
  • We provide full in-depth project planning, individual risk assessment and safety management for each project.

Contact Us 

Our team specialises in drone photography and videography for a range of purposes and industries across the UK. 

At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we’d love to hear from you and discuss your drone videography and photography needs. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email.