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Photogrammetry and 3D modelling – Data Gathering

A drone gives you the ability to see an aerial view of an area as you fly; at Skymariner Drone Solutions, we undertake Photogrammetry and 3D modelling by drone. Where 2D images provide a limited amount of data, 3D modelling adds the extra elements of elevation, depth and scale. Aerial photogrammetry feeds the measurements from remote sensing attached to the drone, then the results of imagery analysis are entered into computer-based software to create 3D printed models.

We have high accuracy and density

Our high density and high accuracy photogrammetry system can provide our clients with the best results. At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we provide professional 3D Modelling and Photogrammetry services with essential coverage across many locations in the UK. We have experienced drone pilots who can capture high-quality footage and images of specific areas using HD camera equipment and software to produce a final 3D modelling solution.

How We Use Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry can generate full-colour 3D and 2D models of the terrain being surveyed; the process is easier to visualise and interpret with this type of technology. The main purpose of a photogrammetric survey is to obtain raw images, orthophoto maps, Digital Surface Models and 3D points clouds created from stitching together hundreds of images.

At Skymariner Drone Solutions, our Photogrammetry service can be used for a range of applications, for example, precision agriculture and forensic crime scene mapping. Close-range photogrammetry and image-based modelling are completed with calibrated digital cameras to model and measure certain structures such as high-rise buildings, process plants, archaeological artefacts and heritage sites.

Photogrammetry Benefits

At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we use a drone to collect survey data alongside image capture capabilities; here are the benefits of using our photogrammetry service:

  • If something needs to be re-surveyed or re-evaluated, there is no need to perform any expensive fieldwork; we can use Photogrammetry to capture images, measure the area or structure again and get new information in a very convenient manner.
  • Photogrammetry presents a wide view of the project field, by classifying both topographic and cultural features.
  • This process is also helpful in any locations that are difficult, unsafe, or impossible to access. Photogrammetry is an ideal surveying method for contaminated areas where fieldwork may negotiate the safety of the surveying crew.
  • Road surveys can be undertaken without disturbing the traffic by closing lanes or endangering the field team.
  • Photogrammetry provides a more cost-effective method to obtain the information you and your colleagues need safely, quickly and accurately.

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Our team specialises in drone photography and videography for a range of purposes and industries across the UK. 

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