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Why are drones used for aerial surveys and mapping?

There are multiple purposes for drones, but more and more businesses are using them as commercial tools. With their ability to capture data and maps from the sky, drones are now an essential part of surveying workflows such as land and farm surveys, 3D mapping, topographic surveying and more.

At Skymariner Drone Solutions, our team use our drones to undertake aerial surveys and mapping on a regular basis; we understand how costly and time consuming it can be without a drone. Here’s why are drones used for aerial surveys and mapping?

What Is a Drone Survey?

Surveying is the science of establishing a location of something and the distances between, points in 2D and 3D space. Using a drone during a survey involves capturing aerial data with downward-facing sensors, such as RGB or multispectral cameras. During a drone survey, the ground is photographed from different angles and the images are then tagged with coordinates.

Surveying with a drone offers enormous potential, as it is possible to carry out topographic surveys of the same quality and accurate measurements, but in a fraction of the time. Using a drone will reduce the cost of site surveys and the overall workload of specialists needed in the field. At Skymariner Drone Solutions, our highly experienced team can use our drones to capture high-resolution imagery and land mapping in a safe and timely manner.

Why Should You Use a Drone For Survey and Mapping?

Using a drone for aerial survey and mapping has a lot of advantages in comparison to conventional aerial photography or locational measurements in the field:

  1. Drones are quick to be deployed and they can even be controlled during weather with cloud cover.
  2. The results achieved when surveying with a drone are so much better, both in resolution and accuracy.
  3. In terms of costs, using a drone can be up to four times cheaper than traditional aerial photography when used for land surveys and mapping.

Benefits of Using a Drone for Surveys:

  • Reduce field time and survey costs
  • Requires less human resources
  • The increase in safety is beyond comparison
  • Provides accurate and exhaustive data
  • Reduces planning time
  • Reduces extensive health and safety requirements
  • Large areas of land can be covered in a short time
  • Reaches difficult terrain with ease
  • Map otherwise inaccessible areas

The cross-sector benefits that drones offer when conducting surveys on land or buildings are unparalleled when compared to manned surveys. Drones can be used for inspections of buildings and structures to get a view from angles and heights that are not possible by conventional methods. Drone surveying can be used for a range of purposes and its usefulness applies to many industries to provide a safe and precise way to conduct surveys.

At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we have a team that specialises in drone photography and videography for a range of purposes and industries across the UK. For more information, give us a call at +447460360475 or send us an email via