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The Benefits of Drone Photography For Estate Agents

Drones can be used to video and photograph anything from an aerial view; however, it has become popular and advantageous for estate agents. As an estate agent, pictures and videos that have been filmed from a drone give you a chance to show potential buyers a new perspective on the property.

Aerial photography is the best way to show the surroundings and the scenic value of a property; with drone footage, you get to offer panoramic and breathtaking pictures of any property you have listed. At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we offer an estate agent aerial photography service, which can be tailored to your requirements. Here’s how aerial photography can enhance your property listing as an estate agent:

Accuracy Of Photographs

The most critical step when selling a home is the pictures; they are often taken from the perspective of a person at the end of the driveway or garden. However, when you include a few aerial photos, you can show the potential buyers a more accurate picture and attractive image of the features of the property. Using aerial photographs within your property listing will help you to display the condition of the property; for example, you can show aspects like newly installed roofs, windows and gutters, which are normally inaccessible. With a drone, you can capture more detailed and accurate images of the property, especially when most people browse housing listings online or on apps such as Zoopla.

Attract New Listings

Using a drone to film videos and capture photos of your properties allows you to market them better and take advantage of every opportunity to make the property stand out. One thing you want to be able to do with your property listings is to entice other people to list their properties with you. If you’re listing properties with standard images, it may be advisable to capture some aerial imagery that highlights the view of the property and the features you want to showcase. If people want to sell a house, they may find it appealing to see an aerial that incites the engagement factor of viewers.

Sell More Properties

Aerial photography can enhance how a property looks and can make it more appealing to potential buyers, especially if it’s a large house or piece of land. Drones have great mobility when it comes to remote areas, which will help you shine a light on the aspects and features aiding the engagement of your market listing. Capturing the scale of a property and the land or gardens that come with it can be easily achieved with a drone that can give you a birds-eye view. Aerial photography gives you more opportunities to highlight the features of the property each time you use aerial images; this will ensure that each listing you have stands out from the crowds on estate agent websites.

The use of drones for aerial photography is no longer just reserved for super expensive and location properties. Drone footage can be used to showcase any house listing you have to market as an estate agent. You can provide buyers and sellers with a unique perspective of how their house looks from an aerial view.

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