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How drone footage can enhance your videography?

Drone footage is popular within marketing agencies for showcasing a brand, however they are now becoming popular within other sectors thanks to the capabilities they provide.

A drone will elevate the video your creating and give more value to the viewer grabbing their  attention.

A drone has many capabilities, so it doesn’t matter whether you are making a corporate video, showcasing a product or service, filming an event, etc. Using a drone to film aerial vidoes will definitely enhance your videography and set your business apart from the competition.

At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we provide a drone videography service allowing you to  get a unique perspective on the world around you. Here’s our expertise on how drone footage can enhance your videography:

Some ways that a drone can enhance the videography you produce:


The advantage of a drone is that it can fly sky-high and capture breathtaking aerial views. Whatever you want to capture with aerial videography, it’s possible with a drone.

Group Shot

Fitting a large group of people into one view can be difficult with standard filming, but you can take an aerial view and fit everyone on the video with the use of a drone.


Shooting a close-up and flying the drone further away can create the illusion of a reveal; it works well for buildings such as hotels and buildings with large surroundings.


Drone footage gives the viewer a better understanding of perspective and scale,, allowing you to capture shots during filming that would otherwise be impossible with a standard video.

What Are The Benefits Of Drone Filming?

Drone filming and aerial photography can provide businesses with several benefits for their brand and marketing:

  • Reduced cost for aerial footage compared to helicopters.
  • Drones are usable in a range of sectors to showcase each business or service.
  • Filming in small or confined spaces helicopters cannot access.
  • Capture new perspectives outside the usual vision from the ground.
  • Capture many different things from the air, such as landscapes, sporting matches, and buildings.
  • ​​Operate indoors and in tight locations offering much more versatile filming options in general.
  • Technological innovations allow for full HD aerial footage in 4K resolution to be captured.

Why Would You Want to Use A Drone?

We have stated above some of the reasons you could use a drone to enhance your videography, but why should you use a drone? Ultimately, a well-filmed drone video can improve the quality and production of your video. Aerial videography can be used for a simpler reason, such as telling a better story and give your audience something extra to look at. One thing to make sure is that the shot is appropriate to use and wont distract your audience from the purpose of the video or from the fact you’ve used a drone to create the video.

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