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Essential ways Drones can be used to help the environment.

The use of drones across commercial, scientific and recreational sectors has increased in recent years, especially when used for aerial photography, surveying and aerial mapping.

Advancements in digital technology have allowed drones to become smaller and lighter, making them a valuable tool to learn how the world we live in changing.

Researchers and scientists are now able to use drones to capture high-resolution data with precision and more accuracy than ever before. Drones also require little preparation or infrastructure and from an environmental perspective, they use no fuel.

At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we offer aerial photography solutions, including property surveys and building inspections, emergency service assistance and we will soon be upgrading to thermography, 3D modelling and mapping. How many other ways are there of using drones to help the environment?

Aerial Mapping

In the past aerial mapping and monitoring meant using the more costly option of satellites and aircraft use. A drone can fly over an area at a very low altitude and because drones are electric, they do so without producing exhaust emissions. With a distinct edge over traditional methods of mapping, drones are also are not restricted by cloud cover; they are easier and cheaper to operate and require little manpower.

Wildlife Conservation

When it comes to preserving our natural spaces, drones can monitor large areas with ease. Using a drone will have less impact on the area since there are fewer emissions from vehicles and no people venturing into the wildlife area. Drones also provide a bird’s-eye view, so issues that wouldn’t be visible from the ground can now be seen and assessed. Drones can be used to track animals in the wild, dangerous animals, but they can be used to watch for poachers, which increases security in areas with too much ground cover.

Sustainable Agriculture Monitoring

Drones are a big advantage for farmers who want to try and view their farms from the air. Traditional farms tend to cover a vast amount of land, so it’s hard to get a sense of what’s going on from the ground. Using a drone for aerial surveying and inspecting can help farmers figure out what’s going on with their fields. It also means that they can update old maps, which can then be used when making plans for the next growing season. Drones are small, fast, and flexible, which allows them to be used in a multitude of ways by farmers for agricultural purposes.

Land Management

A struggle for many people is dealing with is being limited in our view or perspective when it comes to land. Aerial surveying can be intricate and it’s difficult to imagine the finished product when it comes to building or altering the land. With a drone, this allows you to make the entire process that much easier; however, when a finished product is seen from the air, it becomes easier to visualise. A drone can be used to create 3D maps, and to record GPS coordinates for easy tracking, so you don’t have to employ a team on-site when a drone can handle the tasks more quickly.

With the continuation of the advances in the digital world, drones are being used in many ways to help the environment. For example, in the energy sector, drones are being used to inspect wind turbines for signs of damage. Despite being relatively new to the industry, their potential will undoubtedly make an impact, with more innovation for the future.

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