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Aerial Mapping – Data Gathering

Drone surveying and aerial mapping are go-to solutions for many businesses, especially within the construction industry, architectural industry and the oil and gas industry, to name a few. At Skymariner Drone Solutions, our drone pilots are highly qualified and industry experienced in land surveying and aerial mapping.

Depending on your project requirements, our team can complete aerial mapping in a couple of hours or a day or two at max, which will reduce the overall production time and cost, plus you’ll be able to gain better results and more detailed maps.

Using a drone for aerial mapping gives you the ability to view a structure or an area of land up close without the need for human access. At Skymariner Drone Solutions, we can use a drone to map and survey areas that are difficult to reach, such as Quarries and Landfills etc. Not only does this allow us to cover larger areas, but it increases the safety of the work being carried out.

Key Benefits of Drone Mapping

Drones have many applications within varying industries, but they allow us to perform with greater efficiency, which our clients appreciate. Here are the key benefits of using a drone for aerial mapping:

Improved Accuracy

When surveying a site, accuracy is an absolute must; if measurements are not accurate, a return visit to the field may be necessary. This could cause a delay of other projects, cost precious time and incur an even greater expense. Using drones to view a mapped area means we can gain greater accuracy, easier verification of data and more reliable results.

Increased Safety for Surveyors

Every site will have different risks; it can be hard for surveyors to avoid those risks even when safety measures are followed. Using a drone will eliminate all hazards without sacrificing the quality of the survey, a drone can provide a bird’s eye view and give you a full view of the area being modelled.

Better Looking Images and Graphics

The quality of the images taken is of vital importance, which can be massively improved with a drone. The images a drone captures for mapping are so detailed and accurate that they can get a better view of an area even if it is very concealed or challenging to get to.

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Our team specialises in drone photography and videography for a range of purposes and industries across the UK. 

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